WELCOME to the 6th annual

African American
Leadership Awards 2019

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On Friday, February 22, 2019, the African American Leadership Awards ceremony will be held at the Charles H. Wright African American Museum, located in Detroit Michigan.


The African American Leadership Awards derived from an idea to create an experience that recognizes and salutes public servants, business leaders, and community leaders for their contributions to the African American community locally, regionally and statewide.  In 2014, Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence discussed pulling together African American community leaders, business leaders, and African American elected officials to ensure we are united and working together on issues that affect all of us!

Our History

In 2014, at the First Annual African American Leadership Awards, over 300 people were in attendance including 53 African American elected officials from all regions from across the State of Michigan. In 2015, over 400 people attended including 73 African American Elected Officials and over 200 community leaders, Labor leaders and business leaders. The 3rd Annual African American Leadership Awards was held in February of 2016 and over 500 people attended and we streamed live with over 1000 viewers.

Since the beginning, Lear Corporation, Laborers Local 1191, Detroit International Bridge Co., Diggs Group, Rickman Enterprises have all come together to ensure the African American Leadership Awards Ceremony continues to be an experience that inspires, and salutes the many accomplishments of African Americans from both the present and the past. From Detroit Mayor Coleman A. Young to Flint Mayor Floyd McCree, there have been many accomplishments made by many African American Leaders from around the state. From Bob Millender of Detroit to Greg Eaton of Lansing African Americans have contributed to improving the quality of life for all Michiganders.

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Award Categories


Annette Rainwater Grassroots Organizer Of The Year:

A black community leader who is deeply connected to the grassroots and uses his or her ties to build support for social and political agendas that benefit the black community

Political Pioneer:

A black leader who broke barriers and opened doors for African Americans in Michigan. The recipient of this award must be retired. Posthumous entries accepted.

Bob Millender Political Strategist Of The Year:

A black leader who has used his or her influence and talent to groom and support candidates or champion political agendas that have benefited the black community

Emerging Black Leader Award:

A black leader under the age of 35 who has shown great promise as a political leader or organizer

John Conyers Jr. Black Legislator Of The Year:

A black leader who has written and/or championed legislation that has benefited the black community in a meaningful way

Labor Leader Of The Year:

This award is leader for a black leader who has leveraged his or her ties to organized labor to increase the quality of life of African Americans in Michigan

Lear Corp. Business Leader Of The Year:

A black business leader who has and will continue to brake barriers and opened doors for African Americans in Michigan business and politics. The recipients of this award must be retired. Posthumous entries will be accepted. 

Bruce Feaster Staffer Of The Year:

Recognizes a person going beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of constituents within the Government Office in which he or she serves. He or she is strong "behind the scenes" leader, who does the heavy lifting on the day-to-day operations of an Elected Officials team. Furthermore, this individual works diligently to ensure that policy goals are met and that the Elected Official is always prepared an equipped to succeed at the mission of improving the quality of life eof those that they were elected to serve.


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